CCH® SureTax® Energy for SAP®

CCH SureTax Energy for SAP® is the tax calculation and reporting tool with the power and coverage to keep you ahead in a changing utilities business.

The utilities business is changing as rapid technical and social innovation moves the business towards the Digital Energy Network and towards more abundant, affordable energy. With that, the need to bill for services is changing as well.

CCH SureTax Energy for SAP® combines industry leading tax data with a powerful tax calculation engine to provide real time tax calculation for natural gas and electricity, all on the SAP® platform. With coverage across North America and the ability to handle the most demanding calculations, CCH SureTax Energy for SAP® has the power and productivity tools you need to stay ahead and in compliance.

CCH SureTax Energy for SAP® offers:

      • Coverage for Natural Gas and Electricity
      • Accurate, Up-To-Date Tax Calculation — Accurately bill and collect transaction taxes as CCH SureTax Energy maintains the proper tax rates and rules for all tax authorities in North America. In addition, CCH SureTax Energy simplifies the process of verifying proper nexus and maintains tax and fee data for all tax authority levels.
      • Reliable Energy Tax Research Data — Rely on CCH SureTax Energy with tax data and rules specific to energy service and devices. Backed by more than 100 years of tax and legal research from Wolters Kluwer, CCH SureTax Energy represents the industry standard for energy tax data.
      • Precision Nexus Determination — Powerful location identification for every city, county, state/province, and district jurisdiction.
      • Support for Complex Calculations — CCH SureTax DataExchange, the new middleware module that enables complex calculation scenarios using any API input of output field.
      • SAP® Productivity Tools
        • Diagnostax — Diagnostax leverages a proprietary A/P data extract that pulls in over 200 fields from 40+ SAP® tables, including tax results from CCH SureTax. Users can load their tax matrix to validate A/P transactions and compare expected tax results with actual tax paid or accrued. Users can configure dynamic override rules for taxability and data inputs. A report is generated that includes links to view and export vendor invoice images, streamlining the validation process.
        • Additional Tools —  FLUX monitor, RFC Tax Queue, flex RFC Credits/Debits, SPOT reports and other tools to address your sales, purchasing and reporting needs to optimize your SAP® workflow.

CCH SureTax Energy for SAP®. The right tax calculation choice for a changing utilities business.

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