Cannabis On the Ballot (Nov 2018)


The mid-term election cycle are also likely to be significant for Cannabis—four states are taking legalization measures to the people Tuesday (6-Nov-2018).

What, exactly, are voters deciding on? In Michigan and North Dakota, voters will see ballot initiatives to legalize recreational adult-use cannabis. In Utah and Missouri, the measures seek to legalize medical marijuana.

And if they pass, this year could mark a turning point for marijuana:

  • Canada already became the first major world economy to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide.
  • California opened up the biggest legal marijuana market in the world.

But how likely are these measures to become law? Well, if national attitudes are any indication…

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Via PolitiFact

Follow the green: Per BDS Analytics, worldwide consumer spending on legal pot is set to hit $57 billion by 2027. That means big bucks for state coffers, too.

  • Colorado’s slated to post a record $1.5 billion in legal cannabis sales this year, which will earn the state more than $250 million in tax revenue.



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