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Conquer your sales tax challenges.

There’s no doubt that sales tax management is complex. The good news is that our solutions put you in control. When you have accurate, timely data, smartly engineered processes, and applications that are a pleasure to use, then you have the business efficiency and peace of mind you need to focus on your business goals.

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The authority on tax, working for you.

When you turn to Wolters Kluwer for your sales and use tax solutions, you’ll be using the most relevant feature set on the market, backed by the most respected subject-matter authority on tax. With a 100 year track record, we’re committed to providing you a smooth-flowing and worry-free tax compliance process.

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CCH Sales Tax Office

CCH® Sales Tax Office

No more struggling with sales tax data, rates and rules! The automated processes and business-accelerating features of CCH Sales Tax Office will transform your sales and use tax management.

CCH SureTax Communications

CCH® SureTax® Communications

Discover what the latest and most advanced solution across the vast world of telecom, media and digital goods can do for you!